Once you buy a suite, you can have it utilised by the TMR company to earn profit. Our long-time experience with selling over 1,000 accommodation units in 15 hotels in two countries makes us confident to believe that your real property will be utilised based on the newest hotel industry trends and its tourism potential will be used as much as possible.

You can have your suite utilised all year round. Your property will become part of a pool and you will be paid part of the income earned by all suites included in this pool. The income deducted by the breakfast price, VAT and the local charge for clients staying in the area will be divided as follows:

  • in high season (December 20th - March 15th, Easter (Friday - Monday), July - August) 70% for the owner, 30% for the TMR company, which will continue to arrange the leasing of your property,
  • low season: 60% for the owner, 40% for the TMR company.

Of course you can enjoy your stay in your own apartment under the following conditions:

  • in high season, the suite is included in the pool and the owner has to pay the full accommodation price when staying there,
  • in low season (except July and August, when the same conditions apply for your own use as in the high season) you can use your apartment for 30 days. At that time, the suite is not included in the pool while the owner stays there and only for cleaning and reception services is paid (with 20% off on valid prices). The reception services are free of charge once in such case.

The TMR covers all costs of sales and marketing activities related to the selling process of your suite as well as all hotel services (reception, cleaning). You will pay only for water and energy consumption during the utilised season and a complex services fee to cover the management and maintenance costs related to common areas and the area around the property.

By buying a suite in the Horec apartment house, you can become a partner of the Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. company, which is the leader in the field of tourism, and enjoy all related benefits. Book a holiday at one of our hotels on https://tmrhotels.com to test our services.